Shop Update

Full Moon Release: May

The month of May brings with it another glorious full moon and another host of new creations! All these pieces can be found in my shop. The Adjustable Chevron Ring This adjustable chevron ring is handcrafted from 100% recycled sterling silver, so you can adorn yourself with beauty while treading lightly on the earth. I… Continue reading Full Moon Release: May

The Wheel of the Year

Celebrating Ostara

When is Ostara? Spring Equinox is such a magical time - falling around March 21st in the northern hemisphere, and September 21st in the southern hemisphere, this is the time when night and day hang in equal balance. I feel particularly drawn to celebrating the solstices and equinoxes, since these sabbats are reflections of natural… Continue reading Celebrating Ostara


How To Harness the Power of Amulets

This article was originally published in Witch Magazine Issue 24 As every witch knows, the power of symbolism is an undeniable tenet of witchcraft and magick. We use it in almost every element of our craft - every time we cast a circle or scribe a pentagram, in every coloured candle or magickal herb, in… Continue reading How To Harness the Power of Amulets

About Me

The Beginning

Hi everyone, I'm Jazz. I've been creating things in one way or another for as long as I can remember - I studied a Bachelor's degree in filmmaking, have held exhibitions of my gouache paintings and photography, spent two years writing professionally, wrote and co-hosted a storytelling podcast, and worked as a life drawing model.… Continue reading The Beginning