What is an Amulet?

This article was originally published in Witch Magazine Issue 24 under the title How To Harness the Power of Amulets

As every witch knows, the power of symbolism is an undeniable tenet of witchcraft and magick. We use it in almost every element of our craft – every time we cast a circle or scribe a pentagram, in every coloured candle or magickal herb, in the crafting of sigils and use of the elements.

I love to harness the power of symbols, because they are useful in literally every facet of this path. They can be used to set intentions and keep them close at hand, to cast and seal spells, and to bring us into communion with deities and elements. I can almost guarantee that, like me, you use the power of symbols and signs to enhance the power of your magick.

In my own craft, I rely heavily on symbols and signs to give weight to my spellcasting. But beyond spellwork, I have found that there is immense power in the use of amulets – the practice of crafting signs and symbols into jewellery (usually a pendant or ring) with a specific intention for the wearer. This is a practice that has been used in countless cultures and traditions across time. Understanding the power of amulet work can enhance your practice beyond the confines of your altar.

From the ancient Egyptians to modern-day Thai Buddhists, and, of course, within paganism, amulets have long been used to bless the wearer with the intentions they’re imbued with. The most common use is protection and the symbology used to cast a protection spell differs depending on the tradition. Within witchcraft and wicca, there are several common symbols that you can wear to call in certain intentions – intentions that will stay with you as you adorn yourself with your amulet.

In my work as an esoteric jeweller, I work heavily with these symbols, always with the intention of blessing the wearer with protection and power, alongside any other specific intentions that each symbol speaks to. I’ve experienced first-hand the potency of amulet work and I want others to experience that same magick when they wear my amulets.

Whether you’re a hereditary witch, or are just entering the craft, you’ll be familiar with the pentacle (either upright or inverted) as a symbol of protection. Wearing a pentacle or pentagram is not only an identifier of your craft, but can be a powerful amulet to protect you as you move about your day. Wearing this symbol as a pentagram will offer you protection and wholeness, as symbolised by each point of the five-pointed star representing one of the five elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

The Five Elements Pentagram Pendant

Personally, I feel very drawn to using the Elements individually, and currently I wear an amulet depicting the alchemical symbol for Earth. This amulet both keeps me grounded and supports growth. It is connected to financial prosperity, security, loyalty, business, responsibility, and physical health and since wearing this amulet I have seen growth in all of those areas, especially loyalty, responsibility and business.

The Earth Element Pendant

Other elemental amulets are powerful in calling in their respective characteristics. Wearing a fire amulet will enhance the realms of passion, intensity, desire, imagination, possibilities, and intuition. Air, as an element, governs the realm of the mind and all mental activity. It is associated with imagination, thought, ideas, intellect, and discovery. Water is the element of love and emotions and is associated with dreams and the subconscious. If you need support or blessings in those realms, wear a water amulet.

I also wear several lunulae – amulets in the shape of a crescent moon. Traditionally these were worn by Roman girls as a means of protection against evil spirits. Alongside their protective nature, I personally find them to bring me into stronger communion with the Moon and her cycles, bringing me time and time again into connection with the cyclical rhythm of all things. These amulets are imbued with intentions of protection, patience, and peace.

The Crescent Moon Chevron Ring

Another ancient pagan symbol is the triquetra, and this is a symbol I use heavily in my amulet work. It has long been used as a symbol of the three aspects of the human experience – Body, Mind, and Spirit, as well as representing the Maiden, Mother and Crone. As each point of the triquetra stands both alone and in unity, it will remind you that each aspect of your Self is inextricably connected with the other two. If one is neglected, all falter. Wearing the triquetra as an amulet is powerful in maintaining balance and peace.

The Triquetra Ring

After creating these amulets, I cast a blessing spell, ritually blessing each piece, and calling in the help of the elements if appropriate, in order to seal the spell. To fully activate the power of these amulets, you should also set them in tune with your personal intentions. You can use herbs, elements, directions, candlework, astrology, or any other magickal practice that you use in your personal craft.

Traditionally, amulets should be crafted according to astrologically auspicious days, and if astrology is a strong part of your practice, you can recreate the crafting of the amulet by tracing over its symbol with your wand or athame on a day and hour that aligns with your intention. 

The Elemental Magick Collection

Once you have your amulet and have consecrated it with your intentions, you can wear it to call in exactly what you need. From time to time, place your hand on the amulet and connect deeply and intentionally with its purpose. You’ll find that the things you desire are drawn easily and abundantly towards you.

Amulet work is a powerful way to constantly be walking in your craft, one that has been used by practitioners of magick across the vastness of time, throughout so many different traditions. Wearing an amulet is an excellent way to continue performing magick, even when you’re not at your altar.

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