Full Moon Release: May

The month of May brings with it another glorious full moon and another host of new creations! All these pieces can be found in my shop.

The Adjustable Chevron Ring

This adjustable chevron ring is handcrafted from 100% recycled sterling silver, so you can adorn yourself with beauty while treading lightly on the earth.

I really have a soft spot for wishbone rings or chevron rings. They remind me of a crown or tiara, a regal adornment for your fingers and a subtle reminder of your worth.

This adjustable ring is a perfect minimalist ring, a midi ring, or even a toe ring. It’s ideal for everyday wear, either on its own or to offset a bold collection.

Each ring is adjustable, as well as coming in small, medium and large, so you can be sure it will fit you perfectly.

The Wave Ring

Handmade from 100% post-consumer recycled sterling silver (also known as ecosilver), this handmade ring offers connection with the element of water, whether that be the ocean, the sea, a river, or a lake.

Whether you’re an elemental witch, a pagan, or simply a lover of water, this necklace is made for you.

Water is the element of love and emotions and is associated with dreams and the subconscious. If you need support or blessings in those realms, wear this ring.

The Ouroboros Ring

This ouroboros ring is lovingly handmade from recycled sterling silver in my little studio in sunny Portugal.

There’s so much comfort in recognising the cyclical nature of things, as the ouroboros signifies.

Like a serpent eating its own tail, so much of life is simply one cycle catching up with another, so that the beginnings and endings are no longer distinguishable.

Somehow this thought gives me an immense sense of peace.

It makes it easier to let go, easier to trust, easier to just flow with the circles and cycles of life.

The Snake Pendant

Handcrafted from ethical sterling silver (ecosilver) this pendant features a snake – a symbol of renewal and intelligence.

Whether you require more cunning in your life, are going through a transition, or simply feel an affinity with reptiles, this silver snake pendant is made for you.

This pendant is part of a matching set. Find the earrings here and the rings here.

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