Jazz Meyer
Pagan Eco-Jeweller

Hi, I’m Jazz. I design and handmake everything here at Halfmoon Craft.

Halfmoon Craft was started in 2017 as a way to bring my creative pursuits together under one name.

The name honours the cyclical shifts of my muse, the moon, and pays homage both to my creative skills and pagan path.

I primarily create ethical jewellery for magickal folk, using recycled sterling silver and ethically sourced stones wherever possible to tread softly upon the earth while adorning people with her beauty.

My work is inspired by nature and the esoteric, drawing from celestial bodies, herblore, runes, the elements, magickal symbols, and mythical beings in the creation of my pieces.

I’ve also expanded into digital assets, selling art and redeemable jewellery through NFTs.

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