Halfmoon Craft NFTs

Redeemable jewellery Halfmoon Craft NFTs are now on the WAX Blockchain!

An NFT is an immutable digital asset, backed by blockchain technology, so you can own an original Halfmoon Craft digital art piece through the use of a WAX Wallet, some of which are redeemable for real jewellery.

WAX is a carbon-neutral blockchain, with no gas fees, making it an incredibly accessible and responsible way to collect NFTs.

The Halfmoon Craft NFT collection, with redeemable jewellery NFTs, is the first of its kind on WAX. Blending old-world paganism with modern technology, witchcraft with crypto, and magick with digital art, there are lots of exciting things to come!

Find my pieces on AtomicHub or join my Discord server to be part of the community!

You can also read about my NFT journey on NFT Insider.

Redeemable Jewellery NFTs

The first redeemable jewellery NFTs on the WAX blockchain are here!

Anyone who wins 3 auctions of any series 1 Halfmoon Craft 1-of-1s will win an IRL sterling silver halfmoon pendant handcrafted by me (or a resellable, redeemable token for the pendant, valid for 6 months from the date of the third auction win). The winner pays postage upon redemption of the pendant.

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