Redeemable jewellery Halfmoon Craft NFTs are now on the WAX Blockchain!

An NFT is an immutable digital asset, backed by blockchain technology, so that you can own an original Halfmoon Craft digital art piece through the use of a WAX Wallet, some of which are redeemable for real jewellery.

WAX is a carbon-neutral blockchain, with no gas fees, making it an incredibly accessible and responsible way to collect NFTs.

The Halfmoon Craft NFT collection, with redeemable jewellery NFTs, is the first of its kind on WAX. Blending old-world paganism with modern technology, witchcraft with crypto, and magick with digital art, there are lots of exciting things to come!

Find my pieces on AtomicHub or join my Discord server to be part of the community!

You can also read about my NFT journey on NFT Insider.

Redeemable Jewellery NFTs

The first redeemable jewellery NFTs on the WAX blockchain are here!

The winner of the first NFT auction – Halfmoon Jinx – also received a 30€ gift card to my sterling silver jewellery store.

Additionally, anyone who wins 3 auctions of any series 1 Halfmoon Craft 1-of-1s will win an IRL sterling silver halfmoon pendant handcrafted by me (or a resellable, redeemable token for the pendant, valid for 6 months from the date of the third auction win). The winner pays postage upon redemption of the pendant.

There will be more 1-of-1 auctions to come, so don’t worry if you don’t get three of the original series. There’ll be more chances to collect them! (secondary market sales don’t count though, sorry, only original auction winners)

Other NFTs

The first full-body Jinx artwork dropped on August 3rd in this rare NFT. They’re available here.

The next 1-of-1 PFP went up for auction during DYGYCON 10! It was won by Fine Mirrors for 600 WAX ($67)

The first directly redeemable jewellery NFT on WAX has been sold! This very first piece went to stuckatsixpm within minutes of listing.

The first 1-of-1 Halfmoon Craft NFT was sold at auction to Floyd Jenkins! He also received a 30€ gift card to my online jewellery store.

Happy bidding!

May 1st was Beltane – the pagan fire festival that welcomes in the summer months! I decided to create a special edition rare sticker for this auspicious occasion!

Adorned with a crown of summer flowers, and a necklace representing the threefold nature of the May Lady, Jinx holds a spark of the traditional Beltane bonfire, used to ceremonially light the hearths of pagan homes.

These were released only for existing holders of Halfmoon Craft NFTs but a couple are available on secondary.

Jinx’s Grimoire has been released in all its magickal glory!

This uncommon sticker was originally only available for Honeycomb verified members of my Discord server, but a few are available on secondary.

The Halfmoon Craft / Immersys wearable creator dropped on April 6th which means we can now all run around Immersys flashing our pins at each other! They’re available here for 10 WAX.

The first Halfmoon Craft NFT drop – Introducing Jinx – went live on April 1st! You can find secondary market listings here for 2 WAX.

The Halfmoon Craft Early Coven Member promo NFT was given to the first 50 members of the Discord server. They’re spawnable in Immersys and if you look around, you’ll see a few adorning the walls of apartments, shops, and taverns!
A few are available on secondary!