The New Studio

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been moving out of my beloved studio in the arts hub that is Silos Contentor Criativo, and into the spare room in our apartment.

I’m sad to be leaving Silos – my creative home for the past year and my first real studio space. This place, and the community around it, really welcomed me into Caldas da Rainha and gave me so many connections and opportunities in my craft and as a newcomer to this town.

I’ll miss it dearly.

My atelier in Silos

The only constant, however, is change. My time at Silos has come to an end and so begins a new era!

I’ve been busily converting our front room into my new studio space – decking it out with all new equipment, as well as some of my old studio furniture. I’ve upgraded my workbench and will soon be investing in some brand new tools to make my workflow even better.

It’s been a long process, but it’s coming together!

I’m not quite back into the swing of things yet, but as soon as it’s all done I’ll be back on the bench. Watch this space!

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