Full Moon Release: February

The Full Moon in February is known as the Snow Moon – though here in sunny Portugal it feels a little incongruous!

Nevertheless, as with every Full Moon, I have an exciting shop update!

The Purple Teardrop Pendant

Designed for those who desire more calm and presence in their lives, this truly handcrafted amethyst pendant is a classic yet eye-catching piece of jewellery. Crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled sterling silver, this piece is both beautiful and ethically handmade.

It features a gorgeous purple amethyst stone, and the back of the piece is handsawn with a teardrop cutout to let the light shine through and illumine the beauty of the amethst.

Amethyst calls in relaxing, calming and purifying energy, so wear this beauty whenever you need to calm your senses.

Set with three dainty silver spheres at its base, and a twisted wire bail and loop, the amethyst pendant has been quenched in Full Moon Water, to imbue it with the energy of the moon.

The Undulations Ring

The Undulations Ring

When I was about 14, a family friend engaged me in a conversation about metaphysics.

He drew an undulating line, describing the peaks as good experiences and the troughs as bad experiences – all the high and low points that I might experience throughout my life.

Then he drew a straight line through the middle, explaining that in the end it all evens out and amounts to nothing more or less than pure existence.

It wasn’t until much much later that I understood that diagram, helped along by some good old entheogens and a healthy dose of Alan Watts, but somehow that first conversation always stuck with me.

The Undulations Ring is a reminder of that – that through all the ups and downs of life, there’s a peaceful constancy to be found.

I hope you find yours 💜

The Halfmoon Septum Ring

I was wanting something a little more visible to replace my simple D-Shaped septum ring, but not quite as ornate as the D-Shaped Double Loop septum ring. So I whipped up this little treasure for myself and I’m in love!

This dainty septum ring is lovingly handmade, like everything else in my collection, from 100% recycled silver. It’s available either as a standard ring or in a D shape. The two loops form the shape of a crescent moon, imbuing your days with lunar magic.

The D-shaped option allows for a perfectly snug fit, while the round ring gives more shape. And because each ring is made to order, you’ll know it’s made to your exact measurements, sitting just where you want it to.

Made from ethical silver, this lovely little crescent moon ring is perfect for sensitive skin, as well as being sensitive to the earth.

I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I do!

Halfmoon Craft Prints

It’s a little-known fact that I started Halfmoon Craft with the intention of becoming a painter, and these prints are from the first and only painting exhibition I ever held.

Each of these art prints is part of the Divine Mischief series – a collection of gouache paintings that tell the stories of different spirit guides encountered through subconscious vision work, with the aid of either psilocybin or through hypnotic trance.

The story of each encounter is detailed in the painting’s background, allowing you to journey onwards with these guides, and allow them to take you wherever your own path might lead.

See all these pieces plus many more in my shop.

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