Ethical jewellery for magickal folk, handmade in Portugal.

Created with love and care in Portugal.

All pieces are lovingly handmade, using traditional silversmithing techniques and ritual blessing.

  • Post-consumer recycled sterling silver
  • Inspired by nature, paganism, and magick
  • Enduring quality
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces

Halfmoon Craft is an independent, ethical, woman-owned business.

All pieces are handmade by Jazz Meyer – slowly, intentionally, and with care

Every purchase takes dollars out of the fast-fashion industry and puts them into the hands of a small maker. By buying from Halfmoon Craft, you’re contributing to an ethical, woman-owned small business.

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What a beautiful and special pendant! Absolutely amazing! I’m so happy I found this shop, Jazz is such a talented jewellery maker! Can’t wait to buy more pieces.

– Szandra, new owner of the Lunar Moth Pendant.

I absolutely loved the earrings I bought from this shop. I had some questions and they were all answered in the sweetest most informative way ever. I will definitely buy again. Thank you so much for everything Jazz.

– Joana, new owner of the Flower Bud Mini Hoops.

This is already my second piece from this amazing artist and just like the first one I can only say: I am absolutely in love with it! This became part of my everyday jewelry, I don’t ever wanna take it off, it’s so beautifully made and fits just perfectly!

– Fi, new owner of the Personalised Message Ring.

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