Redeemable Oak Leaf Pendant

This handcrafted sterling silver Oak Leaf Pendant was created to celebrate the Summer Solstice 2022. A redeemable NFT was released on the WAX blockchain – read on for more information. This piece is redeemable until June 21st 2023.

How to redeem:

The original buyer of the Oak Leaf Pendant NFT will be airdropped an Oak Leaf Redemption Token. This token is transferable and can be resold.

To redeem the physical jewellery piece:

1. Send the Oak Leaf Redemption Token to neu2a.c.wam with the memo ‘REDEEM’ – it will then be burned.

2. You MUST be Honeycomb verified in the Halfmoon Craft Discord server to redeem the jewellery piece. To do that, join the server here and follow the instructions in the #hc-verified channel.

3. You will receive a message from Jazz | Halfmoon Craft#7867 with a form. Fill out this form to receive the physical piece. Please double-check the Discord user to ensure the message is legitimate.

Tracked shipping is included, and your tracking number will be sent to you after the pendant has been shipped.

IMPORTANT: Any customs taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. Additionally, any loss or damage to the package incurred after dispatch is, unfortunately, outside of my control.

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